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Hamburg/Finkenwerder is situated on the south bank of the river Elbe just at the entrance to Port of Hamburg and reachable form Hamburg Airport or Hamburg City Centre in abt. 30 min by car.

An easy and very enjoyable alternative is to use the ferry which arrives very close to our office, and takes about 15-25 min depending from where you depart.

This ride goes through the Port of Hamburg and passes the container terminals, a relaxing trip always recommendable, especially to those from the shipping industry. It is likely you may spot your ship, or the tonnage you have been dealing with.

A look at the map below incl. the various ‘Water Bus’ stations mentioned, showing you the exact timetable (click on each separate key) and of course it is our pleasure to assist you in trying this little interesting ‘adventure’ and respectively in picking you up at ‘our’ landing place.
containerland chartering gmbh - hamburg
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how to visit us/where we are
how to visit us/where we are
3D boat ride
3D boat ride
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