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Here in front of our office windows close to the port entrance, we have the daily joy of watching the ‘market movements’ with all the container vessels passing in and out of the Port of Hamburg, and you can join us in this gallery, where we are trying to place a photo of as many containerships as possible.

Although we do our best, containership-broking remains our true profession and as such we from time to time do miss a passing vessel or the daylight or our ‘photographing abilities’ prevent this gallery from
ever coming to true completion. If, however your ship one day comes to Hamburg, please let us know in case you wish us to take a photo.

Of course, it is our aim to be as accurate as possible, but should you discover a mistake, we would be most happy to hear from you.

As this page will continuously be updated with newer or better pictures, we suggest that you from time to time check this webpage for updates. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the present. – ©2012 containerland chartering gmbh
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