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latest update 22.10.2021
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Information is of paramount importance when buying and chartering container ships.

To assist our clients in taking the right decision and enabling them to work and investigate on a private and confidential ‘off-the market’ basis, we do offer a wide range of ‘tailor-made’ reports for container ships.

We issue on a bi-weekly basis the regular fixture report for container ships fixed or reported during the past 14 days (downloaded here below!), but always excluding the fixtures done by our company. This fixture report is done to the best of our knowledge but without any guarantee.
Against special request ‘tailor made’ reports, like e.g.:
- market views / tendencies.
- chartering situation for certain segments / areas / time-frames.
- fixture reports within certain segments / time frame.
- evaluating of tonnage / situation incl. competing ships
- etc.

If different reports, prospects or views are needed related to container-ships market, you are most welcome to contact us.

Following further market information can be found and downloaded
containerland chartering gmbh – biweekly fixture report
Hamburger Container Shipping Index (HAX)
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