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latest update 22.10.2021
background/what we do
containerland chartering gmbh is a shipbroking company, solely engaged with time-charter and sale & purchase of mainly CONTAINER SHIPS.

We are a fully independent, recognized and very active player with more than 35 years experience and know-how in the container-ships market.

We work for our clients on a personal, very discrete and confidential basis.

Beside our normal container ship bi-weekly fixture reports, we issue (upon request) “tailor made” reports of container ships e.g.:
- market views / tendencies.
- the chartering situation for certain segments / areas / time-frames.
- fixture reports within certain segments / time frame.
- evaluating of tonnage / situation incl. competing ships
- etc.

On this homepage (“market info”) following fixture reports / market information can be found and downloaded:
- containerland fixture report
- Hamburger Container Shipping Index (HAX)
- new ConTex

Please feel free to contact us on a strictly private & confidential basis, in case you have any questions, or just like an opinion or general talk.

Hamburg/Finkenwerder 23.10.2017
Thøger Bering
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